I contacted Isaac a year after Michelin launched a worldwide project to transform work organisation and management. Isaac was kind enough to listen to me, to delicately share his doubts and his recommendations. We then met on multiple occasions to discuss our experience, Isaac showing a lot of respect for our choices. He was not a “guru”; he was at our side as an advisor helping us identify effective solutions given our context and culture, all while encouraging us to think differently. He helped us to be more daring. And I think we have been!

Bertrand Ballarin

Michelin, Head of industrial and labor relations and Head of Michelin transformation process

Finding your own solutions by asking the right questions

“It’s good to feel less lonely.”
This is what the executives who have worked with Isaac have said to him.
Though he holds a Ph.D. in psychology, and an understanding of the intricacies of corporate life, Isaac is not a coach.
Yet, he puts his experience of working with over a hundred CEOs and executives to listen, reflect, and help formulate the issues and questions which are not obvious but make all the difference.

If you are looking for help in:

  • Taking a step back from the pain point and identifying its real root causes
  • Conceiving a corporate vision/purpose aligned with your beliefs and inspiring your people
  • Adopting the leadership behaviors perfectly in line with corporate vision and values
  • Building the organizational environment for the engaged workforce, delighted customers, and consistently high-performing company

Also, if you want to explore how:

  • To build your, as a CEO, dialogue with your company’s stakeholders
  • To get you, as a CEO or a head of transformation, a clear mandate for transformation and be trusted in carrying it out
  • To define your, as a CEO, and your company’s social and environmental responsibility in the current, very demanding and shifting context

then contact Isaac and discuss how he can accompany you on in these challenges and leadership journey.