Senior advisor

For a number of years, Isaac Getz accompanied us through the strategic transformation of our group. Thanks to him, the company has successfully transformed its culture, with managers and employees embracing new behaviors towards customers. The project has radically improved our sales, as well as employee well-being within the company. Our staff have become freer, more autonomous, more responsible and more fulfilled: true entrepreneurs!

Antoine Metzger

CEO, NGE Group

Are you taking risks by not taking action?

The risks companies face have only been heightened by the pandemic and are obvious. But how can a company transform itself, so that it can continuously outperform its competition whatever the future holds?  How can companies go beyond reacting to the latest challenge with a one-off change project and instead build a foundation for continuous high performance?

Indeed, the biggest risk is not transforming your company to prepare it for the future. But leading a successful transformation isn’t easy. Isaac Getz has developed a deep understanding of what it takes by working on close to one hundred successful transformations, assisting many executives leading them.

If you need help in:

  • Presenting the transformation concept and roadmap to your company’s board, stockholders or stakeholders
  • Co-creating the transformational roadmap, including defining the boundaries of the process, the rate of rollout, the population concerned, the core steps, and the potential pitfalls
  • Involving the executive board members and other senior executives in the transformational process
  • Transitioning your middle managers to team-leaders or other new roles vis-à-vis their teams and their company 
  • Preparing and moderating kick-offs and other events during the transformation process

then speak to Isaac and explore how he can work with you to achieve your goals through a format that best fits your needs.