Pro bono speaking and mentoring

We are very grateful for your participation in the first Innov4Change conference day for change agents across the African continent. Our audience/participants found your speech truly inspiring and helpful to their work. Your speech also helped to shape the Innov4Change conference and give it meaning. Thanks again for your time and generosity.

Mireille Kayijamahe

Co-director of Well Grounded, NGO supporting national civil society organizations in Africa

Helping non-profits in their transformation

For more than a decade Isaac has been speaking to establishments and mentoring leaders in education, the military, NGOs, think tanks, trade unions, politics, developing nations’ organizations, international bodies, cultural institutions, and other non-business oriented or affiliated organizations. 

Every year, he offers a limited number of speeches and meets a limited number of non-profit leaders pro bono.

If you are interested please contact Isaac and explore his availability.