Keynote Clients’ Testimonials


“We invited Isaac to address the 400 most important users of our software technology as well 80 people from our own company. I’ve been a fan of Isaac’s work for years, and wanted him to share his latest thinking with the audience. I’m sure that many of the participants discovered new ways of caring about their people, clients, suppliers, and local communities. And, of course, they laughed a lot thanks to Isaac’s unique presentation style. All in all, Isaac’s address helped us as a company and as a brand.” 

– Cyril Daloz, CEO & Founder, iObeya


“Isaac Getz spoke during a masterclass with the leaders of the company. His speech, followed by a question-and-answer session, allowed us to deepen our thinking and actions around our transformation process and the role of the leader in its critical phases. The first session was very positive and well received so we decided to continue discussions in a separate session with the executive team. Isaac’s capacity to listen, his experiences with a diverse range of companies and the quality of his exchanges were appreciated by all participants who left with a deeper grasp of the issues and challenges of the transformation.”

– Thierry Lhullier, General Manager and Director of Operations, UPSA


“It was a pleasure to have you address our top leadership team today. As time passed, the momentum was built. Attendants liked the simplicity of approach and explanation.”

– Sanjay S. Singh, Global Chief Human Resources Officer, UPL Ltd

“Isaac Getz gave speeches both to the top 200 executives of SUEZ and to our Business Unit Heads of HR. Isaac is an outstanding speaker and delivers his content in simple language with a great sense of humor, much appreciated by our international audience. I am an advocate of Isaac’s work on freedom and trust-based companies. We must promote trust and empower employees. Through his concrete examples and concepts, Isaac changed our thinking on how to transform our organization. He has also started advising parts of our company as we work through this transformation.”

– Isabelle Calvez, former EVP of Human Relations, Suez


“Isaac spoke at our annual conference for the country’s pharmaceutical industry leaders. His warm style, humor and, of course, his both professional yet human content won over the audience. In a novel and practical way, he made the audience see the importance of the respect and freedom of employees that leads to the best results. They are eager to meet him again and to hear his new advice for an altruistic enterprise determinedly moving towards freedom and sharing”

– Layla Sentissi, Executive Director, Moroccan Federation of the Pharmaceutical Industry


“I have been fortunate enough to listen to Isaac speak on his favorite subjects – liberated companies and altruistic enterprises – many times. I feel very grateful to have been given this opportunity. In a French or international context, I have taken part in his keynotes for leaders in France, Romania and Canada. I have always drawn deep learnings from him and feel that I’m far from the only one in the room to feel that. His very direct and practical, hands-on style, accompanied with a touch of very dry humor, perfectly delivers the deep messages and takeaways he looks to share. I recommend everyone to attend one of Isaac’s conferences. You will get something out of it.”

– Jean-Baptiste Dernoncourt, CEO, Carrefour Romania

Audiences And Event Planners’ Testimonials


“If you want to get your brain whirring, listen to Isaac Getz. He’s already on TED, but the live version is even better.” 

– Olivier Gallais, former EVP, COVEA Insurance


“Prof Isaac Getz was simply great! He had so simply put up such a complex issue, just superb.” 

– Senior Executive, UPL Ltd

“It’s rare to find a talent like Isaac. I had the pleasure of attending one of his keynotes, which was just awesome! If you ever get the chance to attend one of Isaac’s speeches, go with your eyes closed. He’s an exceptional storyteller and an hour of his time is a real gift. He’ll educate you by using the right tone and words. He’ll take you through a whole rollercoaster of emotions, starting with joy. He knows how to make you live an experience that you’ll remember for a long time afterwards. What are you still waiting for?” 

– Elodie Benni, Executive Profiler

“Mr. Getz, your speech has transformed my vision of the company. Thank you for widening my vision and levelling up my strategic thinking.” 

– Patrick Varenne, Expert in digital transformation

“I chair the Management and Marketing Club, made up of heads of housing authorities interested in management, innovation and marketing. Isaac’s presentation style was crystal clear and by listening to him, the path to becoming a liberated company became clear and obvious. Isaac’s speech made me realize the importance of employee engagement and empowerment: our companies must allow employees who want to, to get involved and take responsibility. Leaving the conference, I told my HR Director that if everything we’d heard seemed so obvious, we had to implement it within our structure. And we did.”

– Pierre-Yves Antras, Head of the Regional Housing Authority


“Isaac Getz kindly agreed to address the attendees of our conference to discuss his new business philosophy. Our association is very sensitive to these issues and the audience greatly appreciated his thoughts, but also his inimitable style. He brought a deeply humanistic perspective on company interactions to light for our attendees.”

– André Added, President of the French Institute of Economic Intelligence, former President of Rotary France


“We are very grateful for your participation in the first Innov4Change conference day for change agents across the African continent. Our audience/participants found your speech truly inspiring and helpful to their work. Your speech also helped to shape the Innov4Change conference and give it meaning. Thanks again for your time and generosity.”

– Mireille Kayijamahe, Co-director of Well Grounded, NGO supporting national civil society organizations in Africa


“Several years ago, the Paris Fire Brigade [the French largest military unit composed of 8500 firefighters] held the first week of health, safety, and wellbeing at work training. Carried out with the aim to increase interest in starting an organizational transformation, it seemed obvious to me, as the organizer, to invite Isaac Getz. His speech was very well received by all the firefighters present (battalion commanders, the Chief of Staff, and the Commander of the Paris Fire Brigade, General Boutinaud, the police commanders working with us, and more). “Cheeky! But it’s good because it encourages our thinking!” were the words the general said to me. Indeed, for a 200-year old military institution, we must be daring and question our practices of governance and management.”

– Styve Beauchet, Head of health, safety and wellbeing at work, Paris Fire Brigade

“As the Dean of Paris Descartes University Medical School, I invited Prof. Getz to address a group of healthcare leaders from HMOs, hospitals, and pharmaceutical companies we collaborate with. His speech on how to build an organization based on trust, freedom of employee initiative struck a very important chord with the audience. It transformed the way these leaders, and also myself, think about the factors of employee engagement and highlighted how a liberated organization can result in better well-being and stronger performance.”

– Prof. Gerard Friedlander, Dean of Paris Descartes University Medical School

“A heartfelt thank you; It’s refreshing to experience a webinar of such high quality; Isaac Getz is always so selfless and passionate; Thank you Mr Getz for your insight, it has restored our confidence and optimism for our future.”

– Testimonials of an international virtual masterclass


“Isaac Getz combines a keen intellect with razor sharp wit. Highly professional and extremely reliable, he has an in-depth knowledge of the corporate world which he shares in engaging presentations, laced with humor. I have worked with Isaac for several years and recommend him very enthusiastically.”

– Janice Nagourney, Founder at Thought Leaders International

Testimonials for Mentoring and Advising


“Dr. Isaac Getz was introduced to me by Rich Teerlink, formerly Chairman and CEO of Harley Davidson.  From our initial meeting 15 years ago and through an ongoing relationship over that time, I have watched Dr. Getz to be a keen observer of the deeper nuances of human relationships in business. He combines scholarly clinical thinking, an uncanny personal intuitive ability and a fun and engaging style to his work, advising and mentoring business leaders around the globe. I have benefitted from his books and his mentorship, building my own ‘liberated’ company into a global leader and a successful IPO in 2020.
While I would commend Isaac to any Chairperson or CEO who is interested in unlocking the deeper passion and potential hidden within their organizations and to feel a deeper sense of personal reward in doing so, I would also encourage any Board of Directors considering the choice of the next CEO, to consult Isaac on the all important ‘inner factors’ that will be essential for the next generation of servant leaders.”

– Jeff Westphal, Chairman of Vertex, Inc.


“I contacted Isaac a year after Michelin launched a worldwide project to transform work organisation and management. Isaac was kind enough to listen to me, to delicately share his doubts and his recommendations. We then met on multiple occasions to discuss our experience, Isaac showing a lot of respect for our choices. He was not a “guru”; he was at our side as an advisor helping us identify effective solutions given our context and culture, all while encouraging us to think differently. He helped us to be more daring. And I think we have been!”

– Bertrand Ballarin, Michelin, Head of industrial and labor relations and Head of Michelin transformation process


“For a number of years, Isaac Getz accompanied us through the strategic transformation of our group. Thanks to him, the company has successfully transformed its culture, with managers and employees embracing new behaviors towards customers. The project has radically improved our sales, as well as employee well-being within the company. Our staff have become freer, more autonomous, more responsible and more fulfilled: true entrepreneurs!”

– Antoine Metzger, Chairman, NGE Group


“He likes to explore and discover new fields. Isaac has a great network and is always willing to connect people, just as he’s willing to share his knowledge.”

– Carole Couvert, President of the CFE-CGC, a French national trade union


“Isaac Getz, coauthor of Freedom, Inc. and professor at ESCP Business School, is not your classic consultant. He is, above all, a scholar whose ideas challenge the increasingly long list of leaders who reach out to him.”

– Chrystophe Bys, special reporter at “L’Usine Nouvelle”, a leading French business weekly